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About our Principal

Morgan R. Davis, Ed.S.

Greetings to my new family, the Hazlehurst City School District! I am Morgan R. Davis, the proud Principal of the Hazlehurst Middle School – Where Excellence is the Only Option! Hazlehurst Middle School will be a place of high expectations as this is the only way to ensure success for all! Again, Excellence is the Expectation!

I bring nearly fifteen years of educational experience from the Jackson Public School District and the Hinds County School District. My educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Education from Jackson State University; a Master’s in Education from Mississippi College; and an Educational Specialist in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University.

I enjoy using my gifts and talents to teach students and my colleagues. It has always been my ultimate goal to ensure that everyone becomes the best that they can be. I know that in doing so, this lends the opportunity to build valuable relationships, in turn, develop and increase leadership capacity in others, which is the goal of a true leader. I can attribute these ideas to the many accomplishments I have had in education. I have been recognized in the Jackson Public School District and Hinds County School District for exemplifying outstanding expertise evident through student growth and achievement on district and state-mandated assessments.

I truly believe that the purpose of education is to teach students the necessary knowledge and skills to become active members of society. Moreover, the role of education is to enhance students’ morals, values, and character so that they may be tangible models for other members of society to follow. Realizing the role of a teacher as critical – one comparable to life and death – I understand the importance of what happens in a classroom can create hope or hopelessness for each child. Therefore, to be deemed an educator is an honor - a distinct privilege - which we, as educators, should not take lightly at any time.

I consider myself a leader who truly has a love and passion for serving and educating children. I know through education, our scholars, community, and this great state can become a better place for all.


About our Assistant Principal

Mrs. Bridgett Elizabeth Taylor, Ed. S.

Mrs. Bridgett Taylor is thrilled to serve Hazlehurst Middle School as Assistant Principal for the 2019-2020 school year.  Mrs. Taylor brings ten years of elementary and middle school teaching experience to the Hazlehurst City School District.  Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Jackson State University; a Master of Arts in Teaching degree from Belhaven University; and a Specialist degree from Mississippi College in Educational Leadership.  

Mrs. Taylor has a passion for educating children. Her teaching career started in the Hazlehurst City School District as a 4th Grade Teacher. She then spent the next several years teaching in the South Pike School District as a 5th Grade Math Teacher and the McComb School District as a 4th Grade English-Language Arts and 6th Grade Math Teacher. Throughout Mrs. Taylor’s teaching career, she has shown tremendous growth with her students from various socio-economical backgrounds on high-stakes state tests. Aristotle once stated, “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” Mrs. Taylor believes that you must educate the entire child before they view education as being meaningful. 

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