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Shekia Robertson, Hazlehurst High School


Planning period -  3rd period


Welcome to Career Prep and Life Science

This is going to be a great year.


My subjects are:

Career Preparation (Social Studies) includes community-based instruction that will enable students with disabilities to practice previously learned concepts in an authentic setting. Skills to be developed and applied include community orientation skills, mobility skills, basic geographical concepts, governmental concepts, and the individual’s role as a citizen in a democratic republic. Instruction in consumer responsibilities enables the young adult to demonstrate basic principles of prudent personal money management, including paying taxes and saving for a planned, secure future.

Life Skills Science prepares students with disabilities for independent living by providing awareness and acquisition of health care knowledge, personal self-care skills, and basic scientific concepts relevant to productive independent living and employment. This curriculum area targets the skills required to surmount personal social barriers related to disabilities. Although these barriers frequently present employment difficulties, they will be addressed and minimized through concentrated intentional teaching of appropriate behaviors and skill development through Life Skills Science.


Hazlehurst High School is a great place to be!!!!!