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My name is Earl Smith and I welcome you to the Construction and Carpentry webpage of the Walter Washington Vocational Complex at Hazlehurst High School.

Mississippi offers numerous  opportunities and career paths for persons interested in building a career in the  construction industry.   All training for this two-year program,  utilize the  construction curriculum of the National Center for Construction      Education and Research which is an  internationally recognized credential. Completers that maintain a 70 or above average receive credentials, an ID card, and a permanent transcript.  Many construction employers require an NCCER credential as a prerequisite for consideration for a job.  High school students who are interested in a  construction career or job after graduation can enroll in a construction career and technical education program. Generally, tenth or eleventh grade is an ideal time to enroll in the Construction Technology 2 year program. 

During Year 1, Core Construction, students will learn the basics of the construction industry utilizing both the classroom setting and the workshop setting. 

Unit 1:                Basic Safety

Unit 2:               Construction Math

Unit 3:               Hand Tools

Unit 4:               Power Tools

Unit 5:               Construction Drawings

Unit 6:               Materials Handling

Unit 7:               Introduction to Carpentry

Unit 8:               Introduction to Electrical

Unit 9:               Introduction to Masonry

Unit 10:             Introduction to Plumbing

Also included in the curriculum are units on communication skills and employability skills.  At the end of year one, students will be prepared to perform well on the CPAS, which is the state assessment for vocational programs. 


During Year 2, Carpentry, students will review the basics to assure mastery of the fundamentals of the construction industry.   The students will then learn about the specifics of the carpentry trade.  Included in the curriculum is site clearing, site layout, foundations, framing, insulating, sheathing, roofing, windows and doors, exterior finish, interior finish and   mechanical systems.  Carpentry also serves as an introduction to other building trades, such as, electrical wiring, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning.  Students will again take the CPAS at the completion  of the year. 


On our Career and Technical Education - Hazlehurst High School Facebook page, we feature Construction/Carpentry periodically.  Be sure to visit and like support our students.  


Students involved in the Construction/Carpentry program are required to be member of SkillsUSA.


The  Hazlehurst City School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities.