Resources for Students and Parents

Students have user names and passwords to give them access to the same resources used in the classroom (Digits) plus additional help - Etextbook, Eworkbook, videos and other tools.  Students are able to access this site for the Homework Helper textbook online, to view lessons online, to access intervention lessons for help with skills.  The student usernames are their first name and last name combined with 2017 at the end.  The password for each student is their student ID with abc added to the end.

Khan Academy is like having a free tutor online 24/7.  Your student can access practice problems and videos for how to work problems of all types and all levels all the way from kindergarten up to college.  One of the best resources available.  Sign up is free and not even required though it is encouraged because having an account allows progress to be tracked on how well skills are being mastered.

Mississippi Department of Education -

The Mississippi Department of Education has a wealth of information and resources for parents.  Information about the statewide testing program, Mississippi Assessment Program (MAP) can be found at  There you can find practice test booklets and and also links to online test practice and other valuable parent resources at