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In 7th grade, there are 5 main topics:

Ratios and proportional relationships
Number system
Expressions and equations
Statistics and probability


As we work through mastering these topics our focus will be on (1) using ratios and proportional relationships to solve real world and mathematical problems; (2) continuing to understand and apply operations with rational numbers as well as working with expressions and linear equations; (3) solving problems with scale drawings and other geometric constructions, and solving problems involving area, surface area, and volume of two- and three-dimensional shapes; and (4) using information about samples to draw conclusions about populations.

  • Quiz and Test - Solving Equations

    Quiz - Monday

    Test - Tuesday

  • 2nd Nine-Week Mid-Term

    Friday - November 17th 

    All objectives from the 2nd nine weeks:

    Multiplying and dividing rational numbers

    Converting between fractions, decimals and percents

    Terminating and repeating decimals

    Algebraic expressions

    Distributive property

    Factoring algebraic expressions

    Combing like terms

    Adding and subtracting algebraic expressions


  • QUIZ and TEST Fractions, Decimals and Percents

    Quiz - Wednesday

    Test - Thursday

    Converting between fractions, decimals and percents

    Using rational number operations to solve problems

    Percents greater than 100 and less than 1

    *Calculators will be allowed on the test Thursday

  • QUIZ and TEST Multiplying and Dividing Rational Numbers

    Quiz - Monday

    Test - Tuesday

    Multiplying and dividing positive and negative rational numbers - includes fractions and decimals as well as whole numbers

  • 1st Nine Weeks Test

    Thursday, October 12th - 1st nine weeks test topics will include:

    Unit rates with fractions

    Proportional relationships in tables, graphs and equations

    Percents (sales tax, commissions, markups and markdowns, simple interest, percent change)

    Adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers including fractions

    Using properties of operations to add and subtract rational numbers (commutative, associative, inverse, identity)

    Distance on a number line

  • Test Tuesday 10/3 - rational number addition and subtraction

    Test on Tuesday - 10/3

    Adding and subtracting rational numbers

  • Test Wednesday 9/20 - Percents and Scale Drawings/Maps

    Wednesday 9/20 - test on percents 7.RP.3, including sales taxes, tips, commissions, markups and markdowns, percent change and simple interest - also 7.G.1 maps and scale drawings

  • Mid-Term Test and Study Guide

    Mid-Term test for Math - Thursday, 9/7

    Mid-Term Study Guide must be turned in - Friday, 9/8

  • Test on Proportional Relationships THURSDAY 8/31/17

    7th Grade Math Rock Stars -

    You will have a test on Thursday of this week (8/31/17) on proportional relationships.  For the test, you should be able to:

    • Decide whether ratios that are given in a table or a graph are proportional.  
    • Identify the constant of proportionality from a table or graph or equation.  
    • Write an equation that represents a proportional relationship.  
    • Use scale factors to find the new sizes of scale drawings or determine distances from map scales

    Test on unit rates will be Tuesday, 8/22/17 in the computer lab

  • Welcome to the 7th Grade!

    Welcome to the 7th grade!  The 7th grade teachers are excited to meet our new 7th graders and look forward to a ROCKIN' year! 

    And for those about to ROCK 7th GRADE MATH - WE SALUTE YOU!

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