Welcome Back Message from  Superintendent Davis

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year to all of you who have had bright, shiny, eager faces in front of you today! Here’s hoping that everyone enjoyed a relaxing summer break in the company of friends and family. I am so excited about the start of this school year! We have wonderful opportunities ahead to make a difference in the lives of “Every Child, Every Day.” Achieving our goals will take a commitment to continuous learning on the part of talented and motivated staff, informed parents and a community that is involved and values education. I am committed to making sure our students receive the best possible education based on our knowledge of their learning, where to take them next and how to get them there!

Student achievement remains our highest priority as we continue to increase our students’ growth in their learning through meaningful and honest collaboration with colleagues and our students. Together we can make this the best school year yet by making sure our children are in our classrooms, keeping focused on their learning and celebrating successes along the way! When our children succeed, we all succeed because of the contributions young minds can make to our society and the communities in which we live.

As the new school year begins, please remember that the most meaningful factor in assisting students to have a successful school experience is the concern, participation, and involvement of their parents.  In order to help your children attain their goals, we need your involvement, whether it be through attending parent-teacher conferences, volunteering in your child’s school, and most importantly, reinforcing the importance of on-time school attendance, appropriate behavior and class participation, and completion of schoolwork.

I am looking forward to seeing you in your schools, and wishing you a year filled with happiness, learning and fulfillment.

Lisa Davis (Sanders)