“Learners Today…Leaders Tomorrow”

Welcome Back to School
SY 2016-2017

SuperintendentThe Hazlehurst City School District welcomes you all back for the 2016-2017 school year. We are excited to have each of you on the team. We understand the importance of the role that each of you plays in the lives of students and I know that this community appreciates your dedication and hard work. We all have specific roles and responsibilities and the expectation is that we will carry out those responsibilities with self-examination, exactness and commitment.


This district has gone through many changes in faculty and staff to put together a team that will support the goals, vision, and mission of the district. I know that this team will also succeed with ensuring that our students meet the state’s challenging academic standards.  Preparing students for college and careers are our number one priority. I believe that the Hazlehurst City School District has the right group of motivated professional educators to ensure that students reach their full academic potential. I encourage each you to do the very best for the students and families we serve.

It is a new day; we have a new school year with another opportunity to make greater academic strides then in previous years. I want to thank each of you for accepting the call to serve as leaders, role models, life changers, and a beacon of hope to our students.


Have a great year.



Lisa Davis, Superintendent